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Copyright 2005 Page No. 1 of 6 WIND02 v2-06 Detailed Wind Load Design (Method 2) per ASCE 7-02 Description: ?? Analysis by: ?? User Input Data Calculated Parameters Structure Type Building Importance Factor 1 Basic Wind Speed (V) 146 mph Hurricane Prone Region (V>100 mph) Struc Category (I, II, III, or IV) II Table 6-2 Values Exposure (B, C, or D) C Alpha = 9.500 Struc Nat Frequency (n1) 1 Hz zg = 900.000 Slope of Roof 4.0 :12 Slope of Roof (Theta) 18.4 Deg Type of Roof Gabled Kd (Directonality Factor) 0.85 Eave Height (Eht) 17.67 ft Ridge Height (RHt) 22.00 ft Mean Roof Height (Ht) 19.83 ft Width Perp. To Wind Dir (B) 40.00 ft At = 0.105 Width Paral. To Wind Dir (L) 26.00 ft Bt = 1.000 Bm = 0.650 Calculated Parameters Cc = 0.200 Type of Structure l = 500.00 ft Height/Least Horizontal Dim 0.76 Epsilon = 0.200 Flexible Structure No Zmin = 15.00 ft Gust Factor Category I: Rigid Structures - Simplified Method Gust1 For rigid structures (Nat Freq > 1 Hz) use 0.85 0.85 Gust Factor Category II: Rigid Structures - Complete Analysis Zm Zmin 15.00 ft Izm Cc * (33/z)^0.167 0.2281 Lzm l*(zm/33)^Epsilon 427.06 ft Q (1/(1+0.63*((Min(B,L)+Ht)/Lzm)^0.63))^0.5 0.9307 Gust2 0.925*((1+1.7*Izm*3.4*Q)/(1+1.7*3.4*Izm)) 0.8886 Gust Factor Summary G Since this is not a flexible structure the lessor of Gust1 or Gust2 are used 0.85 Fig 6-5 Internal Pressure Coefficients for Buildings, Gcpi Condition Gcpi Max + Max - Open Buildings 0.00 0.00 Partially Enclosed Buildings 0.55 -0.55
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Wind-Software - 08/29/2011 WIND02 v2-06 Detailed Wind Load...

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