Bus102_Letter to FSB dean Final

Bus102_Letter to FSB dean Final - global environment. I...

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Dan Croghan 10 Old Westbury Lane St. Louis, MO 63119 April, 28 2011 Mr. Roger L Jenkins Dean and Professor of Marketing 72 Hidden Creek Dr. Oxford, OH 45056-9747 Dear Dean Jenkins: I am a student at Miami University and wish to become a part of the Farmer School of Business (FSB). Because I am very passionate about learning business, I chose Miami so I could apply to FSB. I recognize it as one of the top institutions, currently ranked seventh in the nation among public undergraduate business programs. I believe it will both challenge me and help me to grow into a competent businessman. I believe my values and aspirations match those set out by FSB in its mission. School is my highest priority and I get excited about learning new things. I set extremely high standards for myself, which challenge me, but are within my grasp to achieve. My thirst for learning along with the tools given to me by FSB I will become a responsible businessman able to compete in a
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Unformatted text preview: global environment. I also hope to learn about other cultures besides my own to help widen my perspective of the world. I have traveled to Europe and Chile during high school, and I plan on studying abroad for at least a semester. This would immerse me in a culture that is foreign to my own. In doing so, I would be forced to learn about different cultures, and help my understanding of the world. This would give me a broader perspective when making business decisions. My goal is to achieve a strong business education. I intend to use what I learn, from my college experience to better my community and, hopefully, the world. I know this will be best achieved with the help of the Farmer School of Business. Thank you for your time. Best Regards, Dan Croghan (transmitted electronically) Dan Croghan...
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Bus102_Letter to FSB dean Final - global environment. I...

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