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Info for BUS 102 - Importance of critical thinking skills...

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Importance of critical thinking skills What is Critical thinking? Critical thinking is ideally an objective process used to determine the value of an argument, set of beliefs, claim or issue. Critical thinking usually employs logical reasoning and empirical evidence to reach a conclusion, and ultimately seeks to move away from personal biases, intuitions and preconceptions. Analysis of ideas Critical thinking allows us to play "devil's advocate" with ideas, allowing us to recognize possible failings. Recognizing Fallacies People and organizations regularly try to sway individuals to believe a certain set of principles or take specific actions. Critical thinking allows us to recognize failings in certain arguments. Communication Good writing necessarily requires critical thinking. Writing is an amalgamation of logically constructed and organized ideas, an understanding of grammar and using effective word choices. Progress Through critical thinking, humans progress. Critical thinking ideally allows us to examine the value of our actions and thoughts. If they have no value, we stop engaging or thinking in them and adopt a new set of actions and thoughts. Critical thinking plays an integral role in large part for the following three reasons: 1. Effective critical thinking skills serve an executive function that sets the stage for the application of other types of cognitive skills. 2. Strong critical thinking abilities are fundamental to the tasks inherent in organizations and business. 3. These skills can be learned and improved.
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Info for BUS 102 - Importance of critical thinking skills...

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