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Date: March, 31, 2011 To: Mark Allen From: Dan Croghan Subject: Recommendation of Speakers Jason Fried: Why work doesn’t happen at work Jason Fried is a co-founder of a company and an author. His speech “Why work doesn’t get done at work” is about why the office isn’t the best place to get work done. He relates work to sleep in that it happens in phases. Work needs to be done in long periods of uninterrupted time which doesn’t happen at work, work gets divided into work moments instead of a work day. Your home might be a better place to work with less severe distractions. He gives reasons to why the office has bad distractions and some solutions for the problem. Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from Steven Johnson is a bestselling author of six books and an Editor in Chief of an online magazine. In his speech “Where good ideas come from” he explores the spaces where new innovative ideas are best suited to occur. He says the work place should look like a coffee house, and that
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Unformatted text preview: societys view of the Eureka moment is a false one. New innovative ideas come from collaboration and discussion. This is because ideas arent single things but a network. In order to facilitate new innovative thinking we need to focus on connecting ideas rather than protecting them with patents laws. Recommendation: Jason Fried speech Why work doesnt happen at work is my recommendation for the meeting. He was a captivating speaker with an interesting topic that will relate to our workers. I also believe that it has something valuable to teach our company. He gives ways to help make work at the office more productive and how to save man hours, which would translate to better and faster work. It is a somewhat different way to think that will hopefully inspire new ways to be productive. This would be a good speaker to have to set a good mindset about being productive for the coming year....
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