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Bus102_Letter to FSB dean Draft

Bus102_Letter to FSB dean Draft - Mr Roger L Jenkins Dean...

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02/23/11 Mr. Roger L. Jenkins Dean and Professor of Marketing Dear Mr. Jenkins: I am a student at Miami University and wish to become a part of the Farmer School of Business. I wish to do this for many reasons. One reason is that I am very interested in studying business. I have always enjoyed learning and knowing about different business topics throughout my adolescence and when I took my first economics class in high school I knew business is what I wanted to study. Because I am very passionate about learning about business I chose Miami so I could apply to be in the Farmers School of Business. I recognize it as one of the top institutions in the nation with regards to business and I believe it with both challenge me and help me to grow into a competent businessman. I believe my values and aspirations match those set out by the Farmer’s School. My school is my highest priority and I get excited about learning new things. I set extremely high standards for myself which challenge me but are within my grasp to achieve.
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