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Homo erectus Homo ergaster 1 Larger brain Smaller brain 2 Long, low vault (football shaped head) Higher vault 3 Thick cranial bone Thin cranial bones 4 Sagittal crest No sagittal crest 5 Back of cranium Widest down low Pentagonal Sides of brain case are flattened Widest higher up Homo erectus culture 1) Evidence for simple shelters 2) Earliest occupation of cave sites
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Widespread evidence for controlled use of fire (possibly 700kya) 4) Stone tools and other tools Homo heidelbergensis difference to Homo erectus’ cranial features 1) Smaller and separated brows 2) Higher cranial vault 3) Less prognathic face 4) Smaller teeth 5) Thinner vault bones...
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