Topics we covered and Briefs that were turned in

Topics we covered and Briefs that were turned in - school...

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Creation/ Destruction Personal Story An example of a creation/destruction story was when I moved from Silver Spring to Gaithersburg. I used to move around a lot before and I would have to change schools because of it and I would hate it because I needed time to make new friends and by the time I finally settled down, we would have to move again. So when we moved from Silver Spring I was really upset because it destroyed the current friendships I had made and I finally felt comfortable and I was getting older and was in middle
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Unformatted text preview: school and it was getting harder and harder. However, when I moved to Gaithersburg, it really created a new and stable environment because it was the final move and I had made a lot of great lasting friendships and I have a more stable environment and had stayed in only place. Although it had destroyed what I had before, something new came out of it that turned out to be more beneficial than I had expected for it to turn out. I got to complete my middle school and finish all of my high school in one place....
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