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You’re Journey: Taking the middle or low or high path A time I took the high path was my cousin sister and I got into an argument that she had started for no reason. That really got to me because she, out of nowhere was saying unnecessary things about me and about the type of person I was and she admitted it that she hated me because I was supposedly the “good kid” and since we were of the same age our families would always compare us. She really did not like this and therefore she broke my Barbie dolls, this happened when I was 9
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Unformatted text preview: years old and I was really pissed because this was my favorite collection and then moments later out parents came in and noticed that they were broken and because I knew she would be in a lot of trouble with her father, therefore instead of telling them that she did it, I told our parents that it was an accident while we were playing so that it seemed like she didnt on purpose. Because if her father knew she disobeyed like that, she would get in trouble with him because she was really strict....
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