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You’re Journey: Getting even or seeking revenge An example when I took revenge was when a really good friend of mine was suddenly being a jerk and was pissing me off. He started ignoring me and finally cut our friendship for no reason and took my enemy’s side just because he suddenly dislikes me. Because of the unfairness of the whole situation, I took the revenge to get back at him. His family was extremely orthodox and very strict. His father was a pastor and if they found out
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Unformatted text preview: anything was amiss he would be in a lot of trouble. To get back at him I signed him up for as many gay o homosexual sites I possibly could and had them sent to his phone and email and delivered to his house. I left it at that and havent heard from him since. Im sure he got in trouble with his parents and had a lot of explaining to do. He isnt gay but to have that happen to him his parents thought he was....
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