Essay 3 Rough Draft

Essay 3 Rough Draft - Prathyusha Yanigandla Essay # 3 :...

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Prathyusha Yanigandla Essay # 3 : Rough Draft When it comes to jewlery, both men and women get excited to wear them. It's more than just a fashion statement and accessory.It defines how we are. It's a personal statement. Sometimes it can even show our sexual orientation in the most subtle ways, well that is what society tells us atleast. Men and women associate jewlery in the same general areas such as wearing earings, chains, finger rings, and such. But what although all jewlery are differnt in general, we can usually associate which belongsto men and which belongs to women. That is because society has embedded that sterotype in to the minds of the majority who have conformed to it. When you visit a store or a website, they are usually sectioned out to which jewlery belongs whom, regardless of the exceptios from whats considered the norm of course. Either men or women. When you go to a store they also have it sectioned. You can even ask the people who work there for whom it belongs to and they will tell you if its for men or for women. the reason is because people extend the sterotype of what society consideres men and women to behave as and incorporate that into everythingthat even creats some sort of symbolism and desfines us. Since jewlery is a form of self expression it is incorporated too.
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Essay 3 Rough Draft - Prathyusha Yanigandla Essay # 3 :...

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