English Essay 1 (Online Predators)

English Essay 1 (Online Predators) - Online Predators By...

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Online Predators By Prathyusha Yanigandla (Essay One)
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Prathyusha Yanigandla 2-15-11 English 102 Online Predators Protecting children from online predators is something that every parent wants to do. In fact, protecting kids in general and watching out for them is what a parent hopes for, so it is no wonder the article “Protect Your Child From Online Predators” by Chad Farmer is expected to catch the attention of many concerned parents out there with such a bold statement; however; the article itself fails to live up it. Online predators are a hot topic and controversy out and about with the rise in computer technology that’s becoming so common that it’s considered odd not too own one, let alone not be able to use one. Kids from this generation have had experience being online since they were old enough to know how to push a button to turn a computer on. With the vast emergence of social sites and social networking appearing in various ways, kids are exposed to “creepers” out there at a higher rate than ever before. It’s no wonder parents would be concerned and look for guidance, gearing their hopes to seemingly promising suggestions, looking for answers in such an article that promises more than it can deliver. The article dives into stating that computers are common and access to one is quite easy for kids these days. There is no relevance to the title and the opening paragraph. It has no topic sentence introduction about what the focus really is about, which immediately leaves the article doubtful on its ability to deliver the expected information. “You need to be more involved in
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English Essay 1 (Online Predators) - Online Predators By...

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