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In the story - Analysis of Beauty and the Beast By...

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Analysis of Beauty and the Beast By Prathyusha Yanigandla (Analysis essay) 1
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In the story “Beauty and the Beast”, by Max Eilenberg, Beauty is a young girl, born to the family of a wealthy merchant who loves to spoil his kids. Throughout her life Beauty witnesses her obnoxious sisters being courted by many suitors while Beauty, kind, simple, yet strikingly beautiful, dreams of one day finding her true love. After losing their family fortune, the father sets out, and prior to his return from deceiving news on recovering their wealth, he takes refuge at an enormous castle with tremendous hospitality by its mysterious resident, whom the father knows not off. As he is about to leave, he steals a beautiful rose for his daughter Beauty. Soon after, a horrific beast like man emerges in rage, threatening to take his life; however, comes to a final settlement that he would spare the father’s life in exchange for his daughter. Beauty quickly takes responsibility and insists that she go, disregarding her father’s objections. Once there, she is treated with utmost kindness and given the most unbelievable luxuries. She quickly gets used to his outer appearance and sees past his hideousness by falling in love with the beast for who he truly is, a wonderful man. When she admits her love for him, his curse breaks and he turns into a handsome man and they live happily ever after. Outer appearance if often deceiving and doesn’t last long; however, it’s personality that holds the truth of one’s nature that truly matters. In this story, we see the beast being outcast because of how he appears even though he is a wonderful being, and on the other hand we see Beauty’s sisters who are praised for their appearance, only to be turned off when it really matters because of their unpleasant personality. Hermione and Gertrude, Beauty’s older sisters, had always had admirers who would
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In the story - Analysis of Beauty and the Beast By...

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