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Response Paper - Response Paper#2 Recently Ive seen a move...

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Response Paper #2 Recently I’ve seen a move called This movie was based on a series written by author Rick Riordan. In this movie, which was released this year in 2010, it deals with a lot of mythological aspects. In fact the story itself deals in its entirety with the Greek myths and brings it to life with a fictional Adventure that’s played out in this story. Not only is the story insisting the existence of the ancient myths, and incorporating them into modern times by the new generation of people that have the blood of the Gods, but it also plays out the former battle of the God’s that’s mentioned in these ancient myths by the modern generation of teenagers. This gives a better understanding of the Greek mythology because it’s relatable and reenacted into a more easily understandable version to the modern audience. The story explains the names of certain creatures, the Gods and Goddesses, as well as their powers, purpose and the Greek culture in an indirect way. The story introduces characters such as Medusa, Helena, and Zeus, Satyrs, Hades, Persephone, Poseidon and a whole bunch of other prominent and important characters not only to the story but the myth as well. The story starts out with a boy named Percy Jackson who is a regular teenager brought up by a single mom and a father who walked out on them many years ago when Percy was only 7 months old. His mother depends on a sleazy, alcoholic person to support their family and Percy has no choice but to abide by it even though he does not appreciate the way the man treats his mother. He has a best friend who is always with him and there for him. Percy also has ADD and dyslexia which is later explained as to why he has these symptoms. On a school trip to a Museum his teacher asks him a question which he is able to answer because he reads it from a statue that was written in Greek. He is later told that he’s not dyslexic but that his brain is naturally hardwired to read Greek because he is a Demigod. Demigods are half mortal and half God. Some famous demigods in myths are Hercules and so forth. In the museum, the suspicious looking
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substitute turns out to be a fury, a creature who attacks him and releases its true from when they are alone in the museum asking him for the lightning bolt which she presumes he stole. Percy confused is saved by his crippled teacher in a wheelchair and his best friend who quickly come to the rescue. His best friend is also crippled and has always been on crutches. His teacher quickly gives him a weapon that looks like a pen and tells him that it will protect him from any other creature that might come looking for him. Confused and scared Percy follows his friend to where they go and get his mother and leave to a camp for
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Response Paper - Response Paper#2 Recently Ive seen a move...

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