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OM 337.3: Procurement and Supplier Management—Fall 2011 #04165 : T/Th 3:30 – 5:00 pm, UTC 1.102 Instructor : Michael Hasler E-Mail : Office : CBA 6.462 Phone : 512-232-8192 Mailbox : CBA 5.202 Course Website: Office Hours : Wednesdays, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, or by appointment TA : Matt McLaughlin Email : COURSE DESCRIPTION : Today’s business environment depends significantly on the interdependent relationships that make up the supply chain of virtually any successful manufacturing or service company. Whatever the supplier provides, the effective organization needs a robust system to procure the correct goods and services at the best possible price for the organization. Once the organization has made the decision to procure goods and services from another organization, both organizations must clearly define the parameters of the relationship. This course will address the process of procurement including terminology, metrics, and decision making. Additionally, we will investigate the best practices and processes for managing the relationships with suppliers and their performance. We will also explore the sourcing decision and the strategic ramifications of producing/providing goods and services internally or purchasing them from external organizations. I come to this course with over 25 years in operations, supply chain, and general management. The experience of owning, managing, and consulting to businesses of a variety of different sizes provides me with a context for this course that we can use for a basis of discussion and learning. Please question me on the issues in this course covered through the books, cases, and lecture so that your learning takes place at the level of quality you expect. This course is one of the required courses for our major in Supply Chain Management. Prerequisites: OM 335—Introduction to Operations Management COURSE OBJECTIVES : The main objectives of this course are: To provide you with an understanding of the importance of procurement and supplier management in today’s business environment. To familiarize you with the basic concepts, techniques, methods and applications of procurement and supplier management, including: supplier selection, sourcing decisions, managing supplier performance, and negotiations.
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Procurement, OM 337.3 Fall 2011—Hasler 2 To enhance your analytical skills and ability to uncover problems and opportunities for improvement in supply chain and overall organizational performance. To ensure that you have the opportunity to exercise your writing skills and receive constructive feedback on your writing. COURSE
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OM 337.3 - OM 337.3: Procurement and Supplier...

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