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arch structural plans - BASE BID B_Page_07

arch structural plans - BASE BID B_Page_07 - mm Mum-Immu...

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Unformatted text preview: mm Mum-Immu- In“; mwmq wwmg {meuw mu mmxrm mm m m. »: My...» W V‘.\CHunh\si. mmmmmgm Mavms. mmma mm [H a (More Pws k Rm= FWIAWI AnrlI 11 2m 4 mm VALLEY FLASHING DETAIL SCIE::=H7' a ROOF EDGE DETAIL a PIPE PENETRATION DETAIL .— schEnm-ulur .—scu£:1w--1w ROOF PLAN @ am: - m- - m \1\ Ala 5L AUGUST". ' SI» DHNSDOUNTY HE LPA DESIGN GROW. INC. mmkaAncw mNmLTAm «WA. van-mum 3: Mo was: mm, nmwammm mm: animal-FAX mm "mm a mme nAlEor mum mmPROPOSED MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDING & ROOF DETAILS ...
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