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hw 7a costworks Masonry - extra columns Print and submit...

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M. E. RINKER, SR. SCHOOL OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA BCN 5618 - Comprehensive Estimating Homework No. 7a Use RS Means CostWorks software to prepare the bid price for the masonry and steel takeoffs shown on the attached spreadsheets. Use the following data and export your spreadsheet to an excel file. Keep only cost columns that are shown on the attached spreadsheets and remove the
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Unformatted text preview: extra columns. Print and submit your report. Data Type: Unit cost Cost Book: Commercial new construction Data year: 2011 Measurement system: English Master format: 2010 Labor: Open Shop Location: Gainesville, FL GC Markup on Subs: 10% General Condition: 12% GC Overhead and profit: 15%...
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