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Review for test 1 - 3 Volume of special excavation for...

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Rinker School of Building Construction University of Florida BCN 5618 C – Comprehensive Estimating Review for Test 1 For Lake Shore Association Commercial Building (see attached drawings – 10 pages) find the following: 1. Volume of topsoil to be stripped for building only (5’ beyond the building when possible - topsoil is 6” thick) 2. Volume of general excavation. Provide 1’ workspace beyond the exterior walls and sloped excavation on north and east sides (angle of repose = 60 degrees – Existing Elevation is 10’ above the top of footing)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Volume of special excavation for exterior and interior strip footings. Assume 46’ of 2.5 wide and 65’ of 1.67’ wide interior footings (provide 3” additional space on each side for formwork). 4. Volume of backfill 5. Number of 12-cy truck load to be hauled away. Swell factor = 15% and shrinkage factor is 95%. 6. Volume of concrete, area of formwork, and tonnage of rebar for strip footings (exterior and interior). 7. Volume of concrete, area of formwork, and tonnage of rebar for exterior walls....
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