spreadsheet for cost roofing fa 09

spreadsheet for cost roofing fa 09 - 14,180 SF 4 plies#15...

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COST ESTIMATE SHEET Project: Commercial Building Sheet No.1/1 Location: Date: Takeoff by: ARC Prices by: RS Means Checked by DESCRIPTION Quantity Unit Mat Cost Mat Cost Labor Cost Labor Cost Equip Cost Equ Cost Total Cost Total Cost Per Unit Extended Per Unit Extended Per Unit Extended Per Unit Extended Expanded polystyrene insulation, 1#/cf density, 3" thick, R=11.5
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Unformatted text preview: 14,180 SF 4 plies #15 asphalt felt, mopped 142 SQ 4x4 treated lumber, cut diagonally 808 LF Roof curbs, untreated 2x6 1.62 MBF Roof curbs, untreated 2x12 1.32 MBF Flashing aluminum, 0.019 thick 1320 SF Walkway 3'x6'x1/2" 252 SF 3/8" roofing stone 28.4 TON Total Roofing Cost...
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