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COST ESTIMATE SHEET Project: Residential Home Sheet No.1/1 Location: Date: Takeoff by: ARC Prices by: RS Means Checked by DESCRIPTION Quantity Unit Mat Cost Mat Cost Labor Cost Labor Cost Equip Cost Equ Cost Total Cost Total Cost Per Unit Extended Per Unit Extended Per Unit Extended Per Unit Extended Framing girders 3 - 2x10 0.25 MBF Framing sills, 2x6 treated 0.15 MBF 1.87 MBF Framing wall, plates 2x4 0.6 MBF Framing wall, studs, 8' high 2x4
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Unformatted text preview: 1.9 MBF Framing wall, headers 2x12 0.28 MBF Framing ceiling, joists 2x8 1.25 MBF Framiong roof, rafter 2x8 1.53 MBF Framing roof, ridge 1x10 0.05 MBF Subfloor, plywood, CDx, 1/2" 1200 SF wall sheathing CDx, 1/2" 1256 SF Roof sheathing CDx, 1/2" 1446 SF sofit A-C, 1/2" 212 SF Facia board 2x10 160 LF Common nail 16d plain 52 LB Common nail 6d plain 4 LB Box nail 5d Galvanized 12 LB Total framing Cost...
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