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Tutorial 2_OST FALL 2010 - e Total cubic yards of concrete...

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BCN5618 – Homework Assignment #7D Assignment Using the Berkeley Preparatory Campus Expansion Drawings, provide the following take off information using On Center’s OST Software. Provide final answers on a word document but include the OST take off tab and all drawings with take offs on them to support your answers. Printed drawings with take offs on them should include the image legend and a dimension line to verify scale on each printed page. 1) Number of rolls of 5’x 40’ welded wire fabric for slab on grade (S.O.G.). 2) Total Cubic yards of concrete. Break answer out into the following: a. Volume of concrete for Thickened Edge (TE-1). b. Volume of concrete for Thickened Slab (TS-1). c. Volume of concrete for the Tie Beam (TB-1). d. Volume of concrete for slab on grade (S.O.G.)
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Unformatted text preview: e. Total cubic yards of concrete. 3) Area of form work for Thickened Edge. 4) Area of form work for Tie Beam. 5) Weight of Rebar for Tie Beam. Assume rebar comes in 20’ lengths. Do not include vertical rebar from block wall. 6) What is the difference between a tie beam and a bond beam? 7) Area of exterior CMU. Do not include tie beam. 8) Area of interior CMU. There are no tie beams on interior walls. 9) Number of CMU blocks required on this project. Assume 10% for waste and partial block use. 10) Weight of vertical rebar in exterior CMU wall. Assume one bar splice per vertical drop. 11) Length of horizontal joint reinforcing at exterior wall. Assume stock lengths are 20ft. 12) Quantity of grout in filled cells....
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