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Unformatted text preview: BioNB 2210: Lecture 12 Sept. 21, 2011 Lecture 12: Orientation & Navigation I Professor Charles Walcott Learning Goals: At the conclusion of this lecture, you should be able to: A. Describe the basic problem of animal navigation and give some examples. B. Distinguish between orientation and true navigation. C. Describe how to distinguish which of several cues animals are using for orientation and give an example. D. Predict what direction a clock shifted animal will choose if it is using a sun compass. E. Enumerate some of the reasons for animal migrations and the cues that control their timing. 1. The phenomenon of migration; does it exist? Swallows spend winter in the mud Birds migrate to the moon Hummingbirds and swans 2. Lots of animals migrate: Insects: Monarch butterfly Fish: Salmon Turtle Caribou Bar Tailed Godwit Arctic Tern 3. Why Migrate? Food for young, Robins in Alaska vs. Michigan 4. Banding of birds provides direct evidence of migration Red Knot from Cape Cod, Mass. to Argentina 5. Annual reproductive cycle of migratory bird Molt Fat deposition Zugunruhe Synchronization to yearly cycle 6. Cues that start and control migration Endogenous Circannual Rhythm BioNB 2210: Lecture 12 Sept. 21, 2011 Day length Wind direction (barometric pressure?) 7. Radar as a tool to study bird migration History, David Lack and angels Tim and Janet Williams, the Bermuda detour Map of Americas Bill Evans and sound monitoring Bill Cochran and thrush following 8. Donald Griffinʼs Three Categories Piloting Compass Orientation True Navigation 9. Cues that birds use- how do you tell? Orientation cages! Sun- Compensated Sun Compass, like bees and ants Stars- Emlen's work Earth's Magnetic Field-Wiltschkos Sunset Glow Polarized light patterns Wind direction 10. Integration of cues Stars and Sun vs. the Earth's Magnetic field Use of wind direction in southeast US, not in Albany 11. Navigation vs. Orientation; Map Distinguished from compass Birds return to a specific location: both summer and winter. 12. Thorupʼs Displacement Experiment with White Crowned Sparrows Further Reading: Able, Kenneth "Mechanisms of Orientation, Navigation and Homing. in Animal Migration, Orientation and Navigation ed. by Sidney A.Gauthreaux, Academic Press 1980. Probably the best recent review of orientation mechanisms. An excellent compendium of recent papers is in: J. exp. Bio. vol. 199, Jan 1996 Emlen, Stephen T. "Migration Orientation and Navigation." in Avian Biology, Vol. V, Academic Press 1975. An excellent, older review. Berthold, P. ed. "Orientation in Birds" Birkhauser 1991. A compendium of recent papers with good literature references. ...
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