Week 3 - generating questions - BioNB 2210, Fall 2011...

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BioNB 2210, Fall 2011 Assignment 3: generating research questions Based on the behavioral observations you performed last week, select an interesting behavior to study for your independent research project, and describe your chosen behavior in one sentence. Hints: choose one behavior, composed of a coherent set of actions (e.g. a crow calling), rather than a set of behaviors or a long string of actions (e.g. what crows do on Libe Slope). Select a behavior that you would really like to know more about, and that is common enough for you to be able to observe it repeatedly. You may also want to look ahead to Week 5’s Ethology methods checklist handout, to get an idea of what you will need to be able to do to carry out your research project. Looking back at your behavioral notes and description from last week, brainstorm a list of at least 10 potential research questions about how this behavior works and why it is performed. This list should include both proximate and ultimate questions. Hints: don’t worry about how to answer these questions; just write down everything that comes to mind! If you’re feeling stuck, think back to your observations and consider the following questions: did you notice any trends or patterns about this behavior? Did your observations suggest anything about the social or physical context in which this behavior occurs? Is there
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Week 3 - generating questions - BioNB 2210, Fall 2011...

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