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Week 5 - introduction and methods

Week 5 - introduction and methods - BioNB 2210 Fall 2011...

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BioNB 2210, Fall 2011 Assignment 5: first draft of introduction and methods Your introduction should include: Important background information about your study species and research topic to introduce your reader to the context for your study. A brief literature review of existing research papers relevant to your research question: you must cite 2-3 articles 1 . You should point out a gap in our current understanding of your research topic (an unanswered question, a contradiction between past results, etc.), and explain how your study will help to resolve this uncertainty. A clear statement of your research question , an outline of any hypotheses or predictions you can make, and a brief explanation of how your study will address this question. Begin with general information and then narrow in focus so that you discuss your specific study topic towards the end of the introduction. It is critical to explain why you are conducting this study, and what makes it interesting and important. Use a search engine such as Web of Science
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