Week 6 - human mating behavior

Week 6 - human mating behavior - Write down the website you...

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BioNB 2210, Fall 2011 Assignment 6: test a prediction about human mating Formulate a specific prediction about human mate preferences that you could test using online personal ads, and briefly explain why you expect this prediction to be true, based on evolutionary theories of sexual selection, differential parental investment, and mate attraction. Hint: a prediction is a statement about a trend or pattern that you expect to be true. Use the information you gained from the last section’s reading (Buss 1994) and discussion on human behavioral ecology and mating strategies, and from this week’s lectures on sex and sexual selection. Remember to include complete references for any citations you use. Explain how you will use personal ads to test your prediction. Hint: what characteristics will you look for in these ads? What information do you need to record, and why? Using any online source of personal ads, e.g. Craigslist, select at least 20 ads to use as your data.
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Unformatted text preview: Write down the website you used, how you selected the ads, and how many you used. Please also copy and paste into a Word document the text from the ads you used, and include this along with your assignment. Hint: there are several sampling methods you could use, e.g. selecting the most recent ads, every other ad, first ad from each day, etc. Based on the ads you have selected, record your variable(s) of interest. Provide a quantitative statement of your findings, and briefly explain whether they support your prediction. Hint: think about what kind of counts and/or average values are most informative. How can you tell whether your prediction was supported? Why do you think it was or was not supported, and what conclusions can you draw? Length: 2 double-spaced pages, excluding references Due: before Section 6, according to your TA’s policy...
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