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Week 8 - graphs

Week 8 - graphs - BioNB 2210 Fall 2011 Assignment 8...

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BioNB 2210, Fall 2011 Assignment 8: graphing exercise Imagine that you are a behavioral ecologist conducting field observations on gelada baboons in Ethiopia, and notice a call that you have not heard before. You hypothesize that this call may act as an alarm to warn relatives of approaching predators, and predict that when you play this call from a speaker (a “playback experiment”), a baboon will move away from the speaker and out of danger. To test this prediction, you set up two speakers equidistant from each baboon group (Fig. 1), and assign three groups of baboons to each of three treatments: Treatment 1: alarm call played from speaker A Treatment 2: alarm call played from speaker B Treatment 3: no call played (control) Each group consists of 100 baboons, and there is a total of nine groups (i.e. three per treatment). Every three minutes for the following three hour experiment, you record how many baboons are on each side of the experimental set-up: Hour 1: nothing played from either speaker (control)
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