Week 9 - social behavior

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BioNB 2210, Fall 2011 Assignment 9: design an experiment on social behavior Choose a social behavior that you have observed in humans or other animals and briefly describe this behavior. Please make sure to choose a behavior and an organism that you have not already written about in this class. Hints: think about the dynamics in your own and your friends’ families, and take a walk around campus or Collegetown looking at students’ behavior in dorms, dining halls, parties, etc. How do these behaviors relate to what you know about kin selection and the evolution of sociality and cooperative breeding? For non-human animals: what creatures have you noticed living in groups around the Cornell campus, e.g. on the Plantations, Beebe Lake, Libe Slope, etc.? How do they interact with other members of their group? Now develop a set of hypotheses and predictions for this behavior: 1. Formulate three alternative hypotheses to explain this behavior at the functional level of analysis. 2.
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