Week 10 - results and discussion

Week 10 - results and discussion - BioNB 2210 Fall 2011...

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BioNB 2210, Fall 2011 Assignment 10: first draft of results and discussion Please begin with a separate section (1-3 sentences) re-stating the species, behavior and question you are studying, and include your hypotheses (if applicable) and predictions. This will not be included in your final paper: its purpose here is to remind readers of what you were studying. The results you present should be clearly relevant to your research question, and should begin with a quantitative description of the behavior you have chosen to study. State your findings concisely and objectively, without adding your own interpretations (save all your interpretations of the results for your discussion). You should aim to present one figure (i.e. graph) for each of the major findings you present in your results section. The results presented in your figures should directly address the major research questions (and, if applicable, the hypotheses and predictions) you posed in your study. Each figure should include a caption of 150 words or less which states the major result shown in the figure and explains the meaning of important elements in the graph (lines, shading, etc.). Each figure should be printed together with its caption on its own separate page at the end of the manuscript. Your results should be clearly written and logically organized, and should complement but not repeat data provided in the figures. Results should be written in the past tense. In your discussion, you should tell your readers:
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Week 10 - results and discussion - BioNB 2210 Fall 2011...

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