Week 11 - cooperation on campus

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BioNB 2210, Fall 2011 Assignment 11: cooperation on the Cornell campus As a student in BioNB 2210 you have probably become interested in understanding the likely functional significance of cooperative and competitive behaviors that occur in tightly-knit student organizations, such as fraternities/sororities, co-ops, sports teams, musical groups, etc. For a student organization of your choice, select one feature of this organization that pertains to cooperative or competitive behavior, and that you will attempt to explain from a functional perspective. Examples: what is the function of hazing in fraternities and sororities? Why do co-ops have fixed schedules of weekly chores? What is the incentive for members of a sports team or singing group to turn up to practice? Why do members of engineering clubs spend so much time working on their machines Try to be as specific as possible: the simplest features are easiest to analyze. Briefly describe your chosen feature so that it could be identified by an observer unfamiliar with
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