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Week 14 - Darwinian medicine

Week 14 - Darwinian medicine - 2 You are a doctor who has...

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BioNB 2210, Fall 2011 Assignment 14: Darwinian medicine Choose any human ailment that was not discussed in your reading or in lecture, and imagine that you are a doctor and a patient with this ailment has just come into your office to seek treatment. Describe your chosen ailment in a few sentences, and then consider the following two scenarios: 1. You are a doctor who has never been exposed to the ideas of natural selection, adaptation and Darwinian medicine. What information would you gather before deciding how to treat this problem? What treatment would you recommend, and how would you explain your recommendation to the patient?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. You are a doctor who has taken a course in medical school about the principles of Darwinian medicine. Based on the classification system presented by Nesse & Williams (1998) in the reading for Lecture 35 (Darwinian medicine), how would you categorize this patient’s ailment? How do you think this knowledge would affect the way you evaluate the patient’s ailment? What treatment would you recommend, and how would you explain your rationale for this treatment to the patient? Length: 2 double-spaced pages, excluding any references you may use Due: before Section 14, according to your TA’s policy...
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