Future of Modernization Paper

Future of Modernization Paper - F uture of Modernization...

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Future of Modernization Paper 07/03/2011 SOC/120 Mary A McGehee Social modernization is mostly refers to as the changes and structures which are presently the way of life today. With society learning to adapt to the new conversion of the technology and the industrialization that has evolve in the last few decades of people’s lives. Numerous occasions as society was implementing the new changes to old tradition that we were so accustom to, we lose the things we have grown accustom to and the establishing of new industrialization and technological advancement take effect. Most of the society readily accepts the new technological and industrial way of life and are indeed fascinated with what it can accomplish for people in general, where as others, not so much. When discussing the modernization issue we have to take into consideration the way in which this new way of life as noticeable infuse itself in our American lives style. We also have to take into consideration the effect that this new modernization will have on our society whether it will be in a positive or negative way. Technological and modernization changes happen throughout society at a reasonably steady rate. It is caused many of the industrialization and the urbanization changes that has transform the society to the way it is operating in the world today. Modernization is described by many as the transition from our conventional way of life to a more contemporary lifestyle that has been around in the western hemisphere ages before. A sociologist from Germany, Tonnies, once said that the “industrial Revolution weakens the social fabric of family and the tradition by introducing a business like emphasis on facts, efficiency, and money” (pg. 457, Macionis 2006). Tonnies’s opinion on modernization is that it will be the progressive
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loss of the human community as we know it, he also state that society is rootless and impersonal and that individual simply associate him or her selves with others based on his or her self interest. Modernizations speedily have manifested through four different distinct ways.
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Future of Modernization Paper - F uture of Modernization...

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