HW1 - EE 450 Homework 1 Summer 2011 Nazarian Name: _...

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EE450 Homework 1 Summer 2011 1 EE 450 Homework 1 Summer 2011 Nazarian Name: _______________________ Score:______ Assigned: Thursday, June 2 Due: Tuesday, June 7 at 3pm (on-campus: EEB340, off-campus through DEN.) Late submission is accepted for two days with a max penalty of 15% per day: For each day, submissions 1) Slide review questions a) (5 pts.) i. What is a network topology? ii. Write at least 5 different topologies. iii. Which topology is the most expensive one? why? iv. List the number of links required for N nodes for the following topologies: ring, line, bus, star and fully connected mesh, partially connected mesh b) (5 pts.) i. Highlight the differences you seen in using a hub, a bridge, or a router to connected to LANs. ii. Draw an example of an interconnected network that uses a hub and a router, to connect 20 nodes in two LANs, one with a bus topology with 10 terminals and another with a ring topology with 4 terminals. The router should be connected to both ring and bus LANs, however the hub can be used in any of those. The router has 3 terminals, one of which should be used for Internet connection. iii. What is the minimum number of terminals required for the hub in part ii? iv. What would happen if one of the hub terminals is directly connected to Internet? c) (2 pts.) What is the application of a printer server? Why would we not directly connect the printer to end systems? d) (3 pts.) i. Please review the NOS basics outlined in the following source and summarize it into a paragraph of few sentences: http://compnetworking.about.com/od/basicnetworkingconcepts/a/network-operating-systems.htm e) (5 pts.) Draw a backbone network that connects the following LANs; a ring, 2 buses, and a partially connected mesh. For each LAN use a router to connect it to the backbone. f)
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HW1 - EE 450 Homework 1 Summer 2011 Nazarian Name: _...

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