HW4 - EE 450 Homework 4 Summer 2011 Nazarian Assigned...

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EE450 Homework 4 Summer 2011 1 EE 450 Homework 4 Summer 2011 Nazarian Assigned Tuesday, July 19, 2011 No submission is necessary 1) (30 pts) a) (3 pts) i. What is main difference between classful and classless addressing? ii. Why should all the nodes in the same network use the same netid bits? iii. Explain each of the special addresses, and their applications as discussed in class. b) (3 pts) What assumptions are necessary for the following claim to be valid: Given any address from a network and its mask, the whole network addresses can be listed. c) (3 pts) A node with address sends a packet to Is the help of a router required for this delivery? d) (3 pts) Explain the NAT. Repeat, for NAT&PAT. e) (3 pts) An ATT team needs to provide 50000 customers with Internet service, however it is only given a pool of 256 IP addresses. Suggest an address allocation methodology to make this service possible. f) (3 pts) Explain the RIP and OSPF routing algorithms in detail. List the pros and cons of each. g) (3 pts) A class B network is recognized by its network address, The network address of its first subnet is as well. Explain why identical network addresses for two networks (the main one and one of its subnets) won’t create any ambiguity. h) (3 pts) i. List the network address of subnet 15 if the class B network in the previous part has been divided into 32 subnets (subnet 0 to subnet 31). ii. Also specify the address range of subnet 29. iii. Finally, list the direct broadcast address of subnet 31 and the network address of subnet 14. i) (3 pts) i. Explain the idea of longest mask matching. ii. What will happen if the table rows are not sorted based on the longest match? j) (3 pts) Network needs to support 3 customers each of which needs 150 IP addresses. However in the near future each customer expects to needs 450 more addresses. What is a reasonable address allocation? 2) (10 pts) Find the range of addresses in the following blocks. a) 123. 56.77.32/29 b) c) d) 3) (10 pts) Divide USC network into 512 subnets. Specify the network address, the direct broadcast address and the range of host IP addresses for subnets 0, 250, and 511. 4) (15 pts) Following the CIDR notation, a block of addresses is represented as i . Is this the USC network? Hint: Find the network address and see whether it’s the same as USC’s. ii . What is the network mask? iii . What is the size of the block in terms of the number of addresses, iv . What is the size of the block in terms of the number of hosts? v
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HW4 - EE 450 Homework 4 Summer 2011 Nazarian Assigned...

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