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EE450 Quiz guidelines 1) The quiz will be on Friday July 15 and the tentative time limit is 60 minutes. The location is THH212. Check http://web-app.usc.edu/maps/#upc/ if you do not know the direction. 2) It is a closed book exam. 3) No Calculators are allowed. The problems will be designed such that calculating the final numerical value without a calculator is straightforward. Therefore by default you are supposed to calculate the final value. If the final numerical value is not desired in any problem, it will be explicitly mentioned. 4) You need to bring your student ID. 5) Quiz covers unit7 pages 38 to 156 and all unit8 slides. If you have done the labs and projects Slides titled optional are not part of the exam. 6) There may be some short answer (including some multiple choice, and true/false) questions that weigh a maximum of 20% of the total Quiz weight. I look at the slides
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Unformatted text preview: to design them. All the short answer questions have already been discussed during lectures. The remaining problems are similar to HW3 problems. The weight of those is at least 80%. 7) As discussed in the syllabus about exams being used to test students on the project and labs, Quiz will also include some questions related to labs and the final project. We do not provide any sample questions for this part, however you will find the questions straightforward if you have done the lab and the projects tasks. 8) Let me know if you have any questions or concerns ( [email protected] ) or call (626) 200-7893. Alternatively, use the discussion board and post your questions under the general forum. Good Luck, Shahin...
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