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Content Outline for Physics C, with Problems 1980-2001 Mechanics A. Kinematics 84MC2,4,5,25,28,88MC1,5,6,7,10,11,14,15,27,33. 93MC1,2,3,19,25,27 83M1,85M1abc,92M1abcd,98M1ab B. Newton’s laws of motion (including friction, resistive force, and centripetal force) 84MC7,9,30,32,88MC4,24,25,29,93MC4,5,9,12,13,28,34 81M1,84M1,84M3,86M1abc,88M1,90M1,93M2,96M2,98M3,00M2abcd C. Work, energy, power 84MC8,14,15,21,33,34,88MC16,17,32,93MC6,10,14,15,18 81M2,82M1,82M2,83M3,85M2,86M1,86M3,87M1,87M2,88M2,89M1,95M2,97M1,00M2 D. Systems of particles, linear momentum 84MC13,17,29,31,88MC2,3,9,93MC11,16,17,21,29 80M2,85M1,87M3,91M1,91M3,92M1,93M1,94M1,95M1,97M2,98M1,99M1,01M1 E. Rotation I: Rotational kinematics and energy 84MC1,10,11,12,19,27,93MC20,30,35 89M2,90M2,91M2,93M3,94M2,99M3,00M3,01M3 F. Rotation II: Torque and rotational dynamics, rolling motion. Angular momentum and its conservation 84MC6,22,26,35,88MC12,23,31,93MC26 80M3,81M3,82M3,83M2,85M3,86M2,88M3,92M2,96M3,98M2,99M3 97M3 G. Oscillations
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