C_Index - AP Physics C Index M1 1s 9 o l n 1979 -...

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AP Physics C Index M1 M2 M3 E1 E2 E3 1 9 7 9 s o l n 1979 - Projectile, en cons, mom cons. Ferry, cons of momentum, impulse torque, ang mom, SHM w spring during rotation conc shells, Gauss’ law, E vs r, V vs r non-cond slab, E field, cond slab, B field. B fields and forces on particles. hand rules. 1 9 8 0 s o l n 1980 - spring, SHM Momentum & En Conservation - Rotation w/o slipping, eqns of motion E and V for thin, bent rod. - Gauss’ Law E between plates, Capacitance - Faraday’s Law, induced Emf and E 1 9 8 1 s o l n 1981 - Incline, trans eq, friction Energy on a swing Cons of linear and ang momentum. Gauss’ Law, spherical capac., dielectrics Elec and B field of a ring of charge Faradays Law, induced Emf, I, power 1 9 8 2 s o l n 1982 - spring on incline, En cons one dimensional motion of car with friction, slowing. torque, I, rotation equations point charge, field, potential, flux B for long wire, flux thru loop nearby R-L circuit 1 9 8 3 s o l n 1983 - proj motion in a plane rotation, acceleration skier on snowball conc shells, Gauss’ Law, potential R-C circuit Superimposed B fields from wires. 1 9 8 4 s o l n 1984 - Centripetal motion, force diagram Orbits, mom cons, energy. falling through a resisting medium E and B forces on moving charge. Gauss’ Law betw parallel plates. motional Emf bar decelerates. Power 1 9 8 5 s o l n 1985 – Projectile, cons of momentum spring on an incline, energy cons Atwoods mach, eqns of motion. coax cylinders,
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C_Index - AP Physics C Index M1 1s 9 o l n 1979 -...

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