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Unformatted text preview: Procedure We measured the height at which the projectile was fired, which is y .We then measured the horizontal distance between catapult arm position one and position two. We then adjusted our rubberbands and fired the catapult so that it would fire the ball a distance of 5.0 meters. Analysis Determination of Θ : Using the two values of y and h, we calculated the angle Θ by using the equation : y Θ ArcTan h 0.431 m ArcTan 37.0 ° 0.571 m Determination of V0 : Using equations 1 x V0 Cos Θ t 2 y V0 Sin Θ t 1 g t2 2 Elimination of t yields the equation : 2 2 V0 Cos Θ Sin Θ 3 2 V0 Cos Θ 2 2g y V0 Sin Θ x g Solving for V0 yields the equation : Sec Θ g V0 x 2 x Sin Θ 2 y Cos Θ Sec 37.0 ° V0 m s2 5.00 m 2 5.00 m Sin 37.0 ° m V0 9.81 6.77 s 2 0.431 m Cos 37.0 ° 2 ...
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