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Education class size and test performance Lieu, Sandra Yeh, Tiffany school voucher and test performance Evers, Olivia Smith, Louw biligual and test performance Hoang, Quoc Murakami, Jasmine Tovera, Menisha fitness and return to education Mehta, Sonia Pal, Ruchi Industrial Organization trinkets/Terry's Hallmark Alamares, Kiyomi entertainment/UCD Hussain, Azver Leahy, Joe Sokolov, Luda telecom Chen, Sherry Ritchie, Scott Tenjin, Nanako cement Buchanan, Joshua P. Durkin, Holly J.
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Unformatted text preview: Labour basketball Choi, Hong Jun Lee, Jae Yoon baseball Nedev, Nedko baseball-qualitative Perez, Peter Poryes, Jeremy marriage & affairs Chen, Michael W. Tram, Christopher M. return on self employment Levin, Daniel Pickens, Travis Others the effect of fines on seat-belf utilization Bermudez, Tanya Drygas, Elyse Peters, Kathleen FDI on unemployment Alipour, Rod Roth, William heigth and mortality rate Abeles, Tom Pan, Dian infrastructure and growth Koji Peterson...
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