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LSE Research Laboratory - IT Service RLAB IT LSE Research Laboratory 10 Portugal Street London WC2A 2HD STICERD Tel: 7432 CEP Tel: 7796 email: Introduction to STATA This document is a basic guide to STATA. For the full list of options available for any command please check the STATA Manuals. More information is available for . If you have and questions or requests then please contact the Data Assistant, Gordon Knowles - , phone 020-7955-7806 or by visiting Zone 9, desk B on the 4 th floor. CONTENT STATA editions and their limits P2 RLAB Access to STATA P2 The STATA 8 Toolbar and Window P2 Commands and Variables Windows P3 W o r k i n g D i r e c t o r y P 4 Command Interface P4 File Extensions P4 Opening Files P4 use P 4 M e m o r y P 4 s e t m e m P4 S a v i n g F i l e s P 5 save P5 saveold P5 Log Files P5 log using P5 l o g o n / o f f P5 log close P5 annotating logs and program files P5 Controlling output P6 m o
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Introduction to STATA Page 2 STATA EDITIONS AND THEIR LIMITS There are a number of different versions of STATA available, these are STATA SE (Special Edition), Intercooled STATA and Small STATA. STATA is available for all modern versions of Windows, and for UNIX and Macintosh. Limits for different editions of STATA STATA SE Intercooled STATA Small STATA max. no. of variables 32,766 2,047 99 max no. of observations 2,147,483,647 * 2,147,483,647 * 1,000 max no. of characters for a string variable 244 80 80 matrices 1,000 x 1,000 800 x 800 40 x 40 * limited by memory RLAB ACCESS TO STATA The LSE Research Laboratory currently runs STATA SE version 8.1 for Windows 2000. RLAB members have access to 40 network licenses. If you have lost your link to STATA or still have STATA 7 installed, please go to the IT website , and download the shortcut. STATA 8 TOOLBAR and WINDOW open log viewer do-file editor graph results print save data editor more data browser break open: open a stata dataset. save: save a dataset. print: print contents of active window. log: to start or stop, pause or resume a log file. viewer: open viewer window, or bring to the front results: open results window, or bring to the front. graph: open graph window, or bring to the front. do-file editor: open do-file editor, or bring window to the front. data editor:
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stata-lse - LSE Research Laboratory - IT Service...

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