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Memo To: Northwind Traders From: John Perkins CC: Craig Thorne Date: 8/27/2011 Re: Revenue Assessment Thank you for the opportunity to assess your sales data in order to provide recommendations for increasing your sales. The analysis and recommendations below are based on the data you provided, which covers a period from May 2004 through June 2006. The analysis below is based on this data alone; therefore, our recommendations should be tempered by your knowledge of business realities and your market. Please let us know if we can answer any questions concerning the analysis or the recommendations provided. ANALYSIS 1 - Net Revenue by Category Analysis - Analysis: Looking through your sales, I I’ve noticed that Beverages are your #1 seller (see chart on the right) and grains were the least popular item. Throughout the reporting period, beverage sales have been very strong; in fact their sales from the first 2 quarters of 2006 are higher than all of your sales in 2005 (see chart below). Since there were only 2 quarters in 2006 to examine, it is hard to make a direct comparison. Nevertheless it’s safe to say that sales were quite strong for the first half of the year. If they continue to rise steadily, you will break your sales records in all categories. 1
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Recommendation: In order to keep your growth rising, focus on pushing your biggest sellers (beverages and dairy products) to as many customers as possible. To help increase your sales growth of the lowest selling items, we recommend reducing the price by 10% discount to customers purchasing the items in bulk quantities. You may also consider offering incentives for every new customer they recommend. Also think about providing
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Excel Project - Memo T o: Northwind Traders From: John...

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