Chapter 4. Notes

Chapter 4. Notes - Chapter 4 Victims and Victimization...

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Chapter 4 Victims and Victimization Victimology Victimology - The scientific study of _________ of crime - 2004 GSS - 28% of Canadians __________ in previous year - ________million victimization incidents were reported - 27% violent, 42% household, _____% theft personal property - _________________not reported to police Costs of Crime $3.5 billion per year in _________________ claims $2 billion in claims for commercial property Auto theft accounts for 13% of property crime Insurance Board of Canada Also, loss of productivity, medical costs, insurance premiums, security/surveillance costs Does not include costs of __________________________ e.g. tax evasion, stock market manipulation Problems of Crime Victims Loss of property, productivity, potential Physical injury Re-victimization by the justice system Stress and anxiety Post-traumatic stress disorder Suicide, mental health problems, ________________________ Perception of Risk Fears of victimization _____________ actual risk e.g. 43% of Torontonians are very worried about child abductions Ipsos-Reid, September 9, 2003 Media coverage focuses on sensational crime Fear of crime seems to be decreasing
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Problems of Crime Victims Antisocial behaviour Cycle of violence Abuse in childhood is related to drug problems, crime in adulthood. __________________ are more likely to use violence if They were abused. They witnessed spousal abuse. Females show adjustment problems if They were exposed to family violence. Research on Effects of Abuse Juristat 2001 _________________________ is related to aggression and property offences. Correctional Investigator, 2003 High rates of alcohol and drug abuse, child abuse, neglect, and poverty in background of Aboriginal offenders. National Longitudinal Survey of Children, 1998 Witnessing domestic violence is associated with behavioural and emotional problems. Sources of Information Canadian Urban Victimization Survey (CUVS), 1982 Showed significant underreporting of crimes. General Social Survey (GSS), 1988 Also 1993 and 1999 International Crime Victims Survey _________________________ rates are lower than many other developed countries. Social Ecology of Victimization
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Chapter 4. Notes - Chapter 4 Victims and Victimization...

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