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Chapter 12 - Notes - Chapter 12 Property Crimes Property...

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Chapter 12 Property Crimes Property Crimes Make up over __half_________of all crimes. 51% in 2003, increased by ______4_____%. Public attitudes are ambivalent. Most people have committed _____property crime_________ Belief that no one is hurt. Punishment is often lenient. Property Crimes Economic crime is ___costly_________ Estimated at more than $___1250_____per person per year based on Economic losses. Criminal justice system. Security devices, insurance. History of Theft 11 th century. ___crusades_________ 13 th , 14 th centuries. Poaching game. Cattle theft. 15 th , 16 th century. ____100 years war_________ History of Theft 18 th century. Skilled thieves (pickpockets, forgers, counterfeiters) formed gangs and met in ______flash houses_______. Also smugglers and poachers. Thief-takers. Private police operating on commission. Often controlled gangs of thieves. Individual theft-related crimes began to be defined by common-law. Contemporary Thieves
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_____occasional _________ criminals. Unskilled and unplanned. ______22_______% accused are youths. Low monetary value. Most are not reported to police. Situationally induced. ___peer pressure________, financial problems. Opportunistic, short-term. Rationalized. Contemporary Thieves ___professional_____________ criminals. Major source of _____income________. Pocket picking, burglary, shoplifting, forgery and counterfeiting, extortion, sneak theft, confidence swindling. _____career pattern___________. Career patterns. Taught by experienced criminals. Learn from gang experience. Learn from ____fellow convicts____________. Professional Thieves Edwin Sutherland (1937). Engage in __limited types__________ types of crimes (specialists)
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Chapter 12 - Notes - Chapter 12 Property Crimes Property...

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