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CRIMINOLOGY 101 INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINOLOGY Fraser International College (FIC) Instructor: Karen Brown INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES FOR PAPER TERM PAPER TOPICS 1. ARIAL 11 FONT OR TIMES ROMAN 12 FONT ONLY 2. MINIMUM OF FIVE ACADEMIC SOURCES OUTSIDE OF THE TEXTBOOK. SOURCES MUST BE JOURNAL ARTICLES AND/OR BOOKS 3. STUDENTS CANNOT RELY ON ONE SOURCE OR THE TEXTBOOK FOR THIS PAPER. SUBSTANTIAL MARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED 4. ACADEMIC SOURCES CANNOT BE OLDER THAN 2004 5. MAXIMUM OF TWO DIRECT QUOTES NOT OVER 30 WORDS 6. DUE ON OR BEFORE 5:00 P.M. AUGUST 4, 2011. LATE PAPERS RECEIVED AFTER 5:00 p.m. WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 7. PLEASE NOTE: Non-academic Internet sources and Wikipedia are unacceptable and you will receive penalties for using them. TOPICS Choose ONE of the four research topics (SIX PAGES, 1,500 WORDS) (1) Although all sex offenders are not alike, theorists and researchers have identified common elements in the acquisition and maintenance of deviant sexual behavior and have rejected other elements. What are the common factors in the etiology of sex offending, and what factors are unlikely to account significantly for this offending. (2) What are the reasons usually given to explain gender differences in the crime rate? If males are more violent than females, does that mean crime has a biological rather than a social basis (because males and females share a similar environment)? What is meant by the term “new female criminal” and how accurate is that description? (3) Summarize and analyze current academic research on the relationship between individuals who have a mental disorder and their participation in violence. Discuss the Canadian law (NCRMD – “Not Criminally Responsible because of a Mental Disorder”) associated with this construct. (4) Although the alleged IQ-crime link (IQ=intelligence quotient) was once dismissed by mainstream criminologists, it has once again become an important area of study. Analyze why this is so. Based on your research, discuss why it is unlikely that the IQ- criminality debate will be settled soon. Summer, 2011
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Paper Guidelines Each of the following components should be included in your paper. You may choose to use headings but you are not obligated to do so. That choice belongs to you. Title Page The title of your paper should convey the subject matter in 15 words or less. Do not call it anything like "Crim 101" (this gives no information about content), or "A Content Analysis" (not specific enough). Your title should capture what the paper is about. Your name, student number, title of the course, and the date should appear somewhere on this cover page. Introduction The introduction should do exactly like that – it introduces your topic and contextualizes it within the broader literature as appropriate, states your objective and should end with an outline of what your paper discusses. Most importantly, it should provide a useful framework to the paper. My advice is to be specific about the topic you are addressing. Depending on how much literature you use
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Term_Paper_and_Guidelines._Summer_2011 - CRIMINOLOGY 101...

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