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Biol 585 Course Policies Lectures: T & Th 10:30, Lilly G-401. We encourage you to ask questions about the lectures or readings in class or immediately afterwards (when our location is more predictable). Alternately, you can raise them with your TA in a discussion meeting or in their office Nick Smith (Pfen 221-8) or Megan Doppler (Lilly B127). We also encourage you to see us if you are having difficulty or need advice; go to Lilly B202 for RDH or Lilly G414B for NE. To set up an appointment, see us after class or send us an email ( [email protected] or [email protected] ). For missed handouts (or to track down one of us when we are not in our office) see our secretary, Penny Kelly in G-110. Blackboard: The 585 website will contain the syllabus, course policies, all lectures, discussion questions for each lecture, lab information, and other items of interest. You can obtain access to the website by using any PUCC computer or computer with internet connection and going to and then going to the Blackboard site. Once you are at the web page, simply login with your user ID and password. Choose Biol 585 and click on ‘syllabus’. Once in the syllabus,
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