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Instructions for t-test in Minitab 1. Load your data. 2. Go to Stat---Basic Stats---two sample t-test 3. Then you can enter the data in three ways: a. One column: subscripts will be the “Location of sample column” and samples “richness” b. Two column: Divide the data into two columns with all the dunes data in one column and all the forest data in another column. Then use the samples in different columns boxes. c. Summarized data: Find the mean and standard deviation on excel and enter
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Unformatted text preview: it into the summarized data boxes. 4. For your lab report, be sure to report the degrees of freedom (df), the p-value, and the t-value/t-statistic. If you are comparing means don’t forget to include the standard deviation. Please DO NOT copy and paste data directly from mini-tab into your report. Instead just site the appropriate statistics in the written portion of your write up....
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