Notes 9-2 - uint8 - A type of variable (like double, char,...

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Sheet1 Page 1 String a ='abcde' fliplr(a) would then output 'edcba' fliplr( ) flips the string left to right b='IBM'-1 IBM' is stored as a vector rather than a string. The String is just looked at as indivuals crammed together Each letter is stored as a code aka Glyph ASCII Value The -1 function subtracts 1 from each of the letters ASCII values Then, one can use the char( ) function to recreate the letters
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Unformatted text preview: uint8 - A type of variable (like double, char, etc.) Smallest one possible A combination of 0 or 1's - 8 different spots In between 0-255 (like Backyard Baseball Stats) Lower case letters have different codes than Upper case letters 1.Get the input from the user 2.Parse out the tokens 3.Convert month number into month name 4.Put it all together...
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