3-1 - qqplot concentration/normal (l=1 mu=est sigma=est);...

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data kinetics; input concentration Rate @@; cards; .02 76 .02 47 .06 97 .06 107 .11 123 .11 139 .22 159 .22 152 .56 191 .56 201 1.1 207 1.1 200 ; proc print data=kinetics; run; proc sort data=kinetics; by concentration; /*Problem 1. a)*/ symbol1 v=circle i=sm60; title1 'Enzyme Kinetics'; axis1 label=('concentration'); axis2 label=(angle=90 'Rate'); proc gplot data=kinetics; plot Rate* concentration / haxis=axis1 vaxis=axis2; run; /*Problem 1. b)*/ data reaction; set kinetics; vinv=1/rate; cinv=1/concentration; proc print data=reaction;run; symbol1 v=circle i=sm99; title1 'Enzyme Kinetics using inverse fuction'; axis1 label=('1/concentration'); axis2 label=(angle=90 '1/Rate'); proc gplot data=reaction; plot vinv*cinv/ haxis=axis1 vaxis=axis2; run; /*problem 1. c)*/ proc univariate data=kinetics plot normal; var concentration;
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Unformatted text preview: qqplot concentration/normal (l=1 mu=est sigma=est); histogram concentration/kernel normal; run; proc univariate data=reaction plot normal; var cinv; qqplot cinv/normal (l=1 mu=est sigma=est); histogram cinv/kernel normal; run; /*problem 1. d)*/ title1 'Resgression analysis for Enzyme Kinetics'; proc reg data=reaction; model vinv=cinv / clb p r; plot vinv*cinv; output out=test r=res p=pre ; run; symbol1 v=circle i=; title1 'Residual plots'; proc gplot data=test; plot res*pre / vref=0; plot res*cinv / vref=0; run; /*problem 1. e)*/ title1 'Re-invert Fit'; data invert; set kinetics; set test; preinv=1/pre; symbol1 v = circle i = none c = black; symbol2 v = plus i = sm5 c = red; proc gplot data = invert; plot rate*concentration preinv*concentration / overlay; run;...
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3-1 - qqplot concentration/normal (l=1 mu=est sigma=est);...

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