3-3 - plot grade*point_average output out=test2 r=res p=pre...

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data a1; infile 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Lectures\2009- 1st\Statistics\SAS Files\Data files\ch01pr19.dat'; input grade point_average; proc print data=a1; run; proc sort data=a1; by point_average;run; proc print data=a1; run; data a2; set a1; if _n_ eq 120 then grade = 29.48; proc print data=a2; run; /*proc reg data=a1; model grade = point_average; plot grade*point_average; run;*/ proc reg data=a2; model grade = point_average;
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Unformatted text preview: plot grade*point_average; output out=test2 r=res p=pre; run; /*(b)*/ proc gplot data=test2; plot res*point_average / vref=0; run; /*(c)*/ data se; set result; seq = _n_; proc print data=se;run; proc gplot data=se; plot res*seq/verf=0; run; /*(d)*/ proc univariate data=test2 plot normal; var res; qqplot res/normal (l=1 mu=est sigma=est); histogram res/kernel normal; run;...
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