4-2 - plot resid*quality haxis=axis3 vaxis=axis1 vref=0...

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* 3 ; data a1; infile 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Lectures\2009- 1st\Statistics\SAS Files\Data files\ch06pr18.dat'; input salaries quality experience sucess; proc print data=a1; run; proc reg data=a1; model salaries = quality experience sucess / clb p r; output out=a2 p=pred r=resid; run; *5; title1 'Residual Plots'; symbol1 v = circle; axis1 label=(angle = 90 'Residuals'); axis2 label=('Salaries'); axis3 label=('Quality'); axis4 label=('Experience'); axis5 label=('Sucess'); proc gplot data=a2; plot resid*salaries /haxis=axis2 vaxis=axis1 vref=0;
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Unformatted text preview: plot resid*quality / haxis=axis3 vaxis=axis1 vref=0; plot resid*experience / haxis=axis4 vaxis=axis1 vref=0; plot resid*sucess / haxis=axis5 vaxis=axis1 vref=0; run; *6; title1 'Residual Plots '; proc univariate data=a2; var resid; qqplot / normal (L=1 mu = est sigma = est); histogram / normal kernel; run; *7; data change; quality = 6.2; experience = 8; sucess =5.9; data a3; set a1 change; proc reg data=a3; model salaries = quality experience sucess /cli ; id quality experience sucess; run;...
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