7 - run proc univariate data=diag plot normal var stud...

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data cs; infile 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Lectures\2009- 1st\Statistics\SAS Files\Data files\csdata.DAT'; input id gpa hsm hss hse satm satv gender; proc print data=cs; run; proc reg data=cs; model gpa=hsm hse/r influence; output out=diag p=pred r=resid student=stud rstudent=rstud cookd=cookd h=hat dffits=dffits; run; title1 'Outliers Plot'; title2 'studentized residuals'; symbol1 v=circle i=rl; axis1 label=('Predicted value of gpa'); axis2 label=(angle=90 'studentized residuals'); proc gplot data=diag; plot stud*pred / haxis=axis1 vaxis=axis2 vref=0; run; title2 'studentized-deleted residuals'; axis3 label=(angle=90 'studentized-deleted residuals'); proc gplot data=diag; plot rstud*pred / haxis=axis1 vaxis=axis3 vref=0;
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Unformatted text preview: run; proc univariate data=diag plot normal; var stud rstud cookd hat dffits; run; proc reg data=cs; model gpa=hsm hse/tol vif; run; title1 'Partial residual plot'; title2 'for hsm'; symbol1 v=circle i=rl; axis1 label=('hsm'); axis2 label=(angle=90 'GPA'); proc reg data=cs; model gpa hsm = hse; output out=partialhsm r=resgpa reshsm; proc gplot data=partialhsm; plot resgpa*reshsm / haxis=axis1 vaxis=axis2 vref = 0; run; axis3 label=('hse'); title2 'for hse'; proc reg data=cs; model gpa hse = hsm; output out=partialhse r=resgpa reshse; proc gplot data=partialhse; plot resgpa*reshse / haxis=axis3 vaxis=axis2 vref = 0; run;...
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