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FIN534 W7 D1 n D2 - Discussion 1: Count General Hospital...

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Discussion 1: Count General Hospital Turnover is high at almost every facility where nurses are employed. Identify and discuss the aspects of nursing that make turnover for nurses higher than for many other jobs. The aspects in this scenario that make turnover high for County General is the fact that the hospital is located so far away from the city. County General is unable to pay their nurse as well as other hospitals (that ultimately steal their nurses). The nurses feel secluded and lonely. The hospital employs many young nurses so their off time is important to them and they don’t feel that the area has anything to offer them. Recommend actions and programs County General might implement to decrease nurse turnover. Since Country General really can’t afford to pay the nurses they need to find other ways to interest and keep their nurses. There are a few nurses at County General, because they “are either committed to County General or attached to the community”. If County General finds ways to help these new nurses feel a connection it would help. The hospital could start various different “social networks” at the hospital for their community that could help the nurses find ways
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FIN534 W7 D1 n D2 - Discussion 1: Count General Hospital...

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